Thursday, 4 June 2015

Back in the habit!

Hi folks - I've been away for a long time but now I'm (see title). Lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline; a book launch, readings and possibly a collaboration or two. Here's a quick news round-up: my new collection, Endless Running Games, is now available from Inpress. If you're familiar with what I do and have enjoyed my work in the past, then you can get hold of a copy here. If you'd like to know more about the collection then check out the first review, courtesy of Mike Farren and The State of the Arts. However, if time is at a premium, here is the parting shot: 'Lyrical and urgent, innovative but never just for novelty’s sake, Endless Running Games left me breathless – frequently at the back-lit, pixelated pace it maintains, but more often at its sheer quality.' I'll post more info about the launch and follow-up readings soon, so be sure to pay another visit.

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