Friday, 10 July 2015

In other news

Had a great time at Cafe Lux last night! Big thanks to A Firm of Poets and the lovely audience. My only regret is not having had more copies of Endless Running Games to take with me. But the reason for that is WE HAVEN'T LAUNCHED THE BOOK YET! However, we will be launching it very soon; Sunday 19th July at Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds. Kickoff is 2pm with free admission. There's going to be lots going on - I'll be joined by fellow Huddersfield poet and editor of ERGs, Adam Strickson, and the chap behind the cover illustration, Mike Barrett. He and I will showcasing our collaboration, featuring his formidable artistic talent and my words. You'll also be able to get a copy of the book (with my childish handwriting on the title page, if you wish)! For more info about the launch, try here. Also, if you're interested in some of the ideas that went into the book, have a read of my article on the Big Bookend website - 'On Writing for the Xbox Generation'.

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